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Monday, 27 February 2017

Time really is flying! It's uni time again! Many started today and technically I should have been going to uni today as well but I only had a lecture on so I skipped that, ahaha, but don't worry, I'll be watching that online. I don't want to go back just yet but at the same time I am actually kind of keen to get back into this study business! I've had a long break from uni so it is about time that I actually dive back into the books. Having been at uni for the past two years, I have definitely found how I best study and I'm going to stick by this and finish uni with some good grades. I've purchased a few things for uni so let's get into it! 

Colourhide Spiral Lecture Notebook
Many of my friends have switched completely to taking notes on their laptop but I do a bit of both. Lecture slides are generally posted before the actual lecture itself and from those slides, I will take a set of detailed notes on my laptop. I will also do some brief noting on my notebook when I go and watch the lecture. I find that this works for me as it allows me to better retain what I have learnt during the lecture.

BIC Atlantis Pens
These are my favourite pens to write with! They have a good grip to them and glides smoothly on paper!

Post-it Sticky Notes
Sticky notes are so useful! They're so useful for reminders but I really like using them as study notes. Once I make my notes, I use sticky notes to condense my notes even more. I would write really brief dot points on them which really helps me to take note of the essential things that I need to know. 

Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters
Everyone always needs some highlighters to get through the semester.

kikki.K Metal Page Markers
These are so adorable that I couldn't resist picking them up! I'm sure I'll find use for them as I get through my readings. 

kikki.K Silver Paperclips
I had a kikki.K gift voucher and couldn't really find anything that I wanted to purchase so just decided to pick these ups. I should find some use for them, ahaha. 

For you uni students, are you ready for the new uni year? I know I'm not quite, but I sure that the challenges that come with it will make me a better person. 

Jessica xx

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