HAUL || Back to Uni!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Time really is flying! It's uni time again! Many started today and technically I should have been going to uni today as well but I only had a lecture on so I skipped that, ahaha, but don't worry, I'll be watching that online. I don't want to go back just yet but at the same time I am actually kind of keen to get back into this study business! I've had a long break from uni so it is about time that I actually dive back into the books. Having been at uni for the past two years, I have definitely found how I best study and I'm going to stick by this and finish uni with some good grades. I've purchased a few things for uni so let's get into it! 

ZOEVA Vegan Face Set

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The ZOEVA brand has making their name out as inexpensive, quality make-up brushes for the past few years and it has been growing strong with heaps of positive reviews for their products. I have been meaning to get some new make-up brushes for a while now and now I finally have one of their sets in my hands. I got the Vegan Face set in silver finish, which just looks stunning. It comes with a small clutch and most also comes with a brush guard. I needed a few more face brushes so I decided to go for this set which seems to cover a bit of everything. 

Monthly Favourites || January 2017

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Time is literally flying! I can't believe we're in February already! I honestly have no idea what I have done with my time. I spent most of January working if not going to eat, which has taken a big dint in my wallet. But I'm telling myself that it's all good because food is satisfying, ehehe. This month was pretty dull make-up wise and but I did find myself gravitating towards a few items this month. 

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