Winter Skin Care Routine

Friday, 14 July 2017

It is the middle of winter in Australia right now and it's very coooollllldddddd! Getting out of bed in the mornings has been such a huge struggle. I'm also currently on uni holidays and have been using this time to catch-up on sleep and meeting up with my friends who I haven't seen in a while. I also had my uni results come out not too long ago and that has been a really anxious wait. I wasn't happy with how I progressed academically last semester. It was a difficult semester but I'm so happy that I made it through and now am ready to tackle another semester. Anyways, all that aside, today I want to share with you my skincare routine for this chilly season!

I have very dry skin, but it just seems to accentuate during the winter season, when heaters are turned on to battle the cold and resisting a hot shower becomes too much of an effort. :( I've got to kick this bad habit though!

In terms of face prep, I use an exfoliating mask two to three times a week and always cleanse my face with a gentle cleanser. 

After that is all done, I will tone my face. I am currently using the innisfree orchid skin toner, which I absolutely adore! It has a thicker consistency compared to other toners but I find that really helps with locking in moisture before applying moisturiser. After that, I will use some Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel, which is an amazing product that I have been using for years, to once again help with locking in the moisture to my face

Must not forget the eyes! There was a time period long, long ago, where I never moisturised my eye area and it just got horribly dry. Since then, I have periodically been using an eye cream every single day and have noticed a significant difference in my skin. I am currently using the Clinque All About Your Eyes Eye Cream and despite how small the container is, it has lasted me a good while! It is almost empty now but it has sure done an amazing job!

Moisturiser is a must, day and night. For the day, I am currently using the Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturiser with SPF 15. The cream is a sea blue colour but rubs in clear. I really like this moisturiser because it contains SPF and doesn't leave an oily residue. For night time, I use the Neutrogena Naturals Night Cream night cream. This is a repurchase from me because I really like how it is all natural and relatively inexpensive. 

The lips are an important aspect of the face but heaps of people tend to forget this area in their skin care routine. After I brush my teeth, I will apply on some Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment and this leaves my lips soft as a baby's bottom. 

What's your winter skincare routine?

Jessica xx

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