Getting My Nails Done for the First Time!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Nails! I love getting my nails painted! I got my nails professional done for the very first time two weeks ago for my ball and just wanted to share about my experience! Normally I would paint my nails myself but I didn't want to have to worry about the chipping and it will be nice to have a long-lasting manicure, so I decided to get my nails glammed up at the salon! (Please ignore my dry fingers :'( I have really dry skin on my hands :'( )

Walking into the nail salon for the first time is quite overwhelming. There are heaps of choices available; countless colours to choose from and different nail techniques. The different techniques are different, of course, and offer different results and effects on the natural nails. All of these methods lets you leave the salon with dry and perfect nails that will not smudge or chip for a least two weeks. However, they are different so let's have a quick rundown of the different nail techniques. 

Acrylic is fake nails applied on the top of the real nails through the use of chemical monomers and polyers. It can be made to match the length of the natural nails or it can be lengthened. 

Gel is essentially a gel in the form of a nail polish. It is applied on just like regular polish but each coat has to be cured under a UV lamp, which gives it its long-lasting finish. It requires acetone soaking to be removed off. 

Shellac is a semi-permanent type of polish that is a mix between regular polish and gel polish. Like gel, it is applied on like regular polish and each coat has to be cured under a UV lamp and requires acetone soaking to be removed off. 

Shellac is very similar to gel but it actually has a different formula compared to gel polish.  It is much thinner than gel polish and because it is a polish, it is much easier and faster to remove compared to gel. 

SNS stands for signature nail system and unlike gel or shellac, it does not require curing under a UV lamp. It involves dipping the nail into coloured powder and setting it with a liquid seal. 

It is a much healthier alternative compared to the above three methods because it does not contain the chemical monomers and polymers found in acrylics and does not involve the use of a UV lamp that both gel and shellac require. However, removal is much the same like gel and shellac and involves the use of acetone soaking.

I got shellac and was quite happy with the result. I did the actual manicure myself and went to a nail salon to get shellac. It was a nice feeling to be able to choose want colour I wanted from an extensiveeeeeeeee colour range and have someone deal with my nails for me, ehehe. I chose a light mauvey-pink colour. This process was very fast and my nails were perfectly dry by the time I left the salon. Generally, shellac is supposed to be removed with acetone soaking but the place I went to removed them using an electric filer with no acetone involved whatsoever. I got it done for a pretty cheap price so it hurt me when I went to a different place to get them removed and the cost was almost as much as the manicure itself. 

It was definitely a good experience and getting your nails done is a good option to have long-lasting nails. I'll still stick with painting my own nails though, because I prefer short nails and this is just more time efficient for me. 

Do you like getting your nails done? What is your preferred nail method? 

Jessica xx

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