Unique Gel-Like Toner

Monday, 28 November 2016

innisfree is a brand that I really love. It is a Korean beauty brand and they have some of the most amazing skin care products on the market. I needed a new toner as I just was about to finish the one that I was using at the time when there was a free shipping promotion from innisfree. Having enjoyed several of their products, I decided to pick up a new toner from them. It's unlike any other toner that I have previously used but I am quite enjoying it. 

Lazy Everyday Make-Up Routine

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

It feels like forever since I last made a post, and it has been as I was swarmed with the pressures of exams. But now that it's over it means I can continue what I've always been doing, just without the guilt, hehehe. And yesss, being free from exams and studying feels so good!

This semester I was pretty much either running late to class or woke up feeling sleep-deprived due to the many late nights and early rises. As a result of that, I needed a make-up routine that was quick and simple and I have pretty much perfected my routine. It just takes me 5-10 minutes to walk out of my door and ready to start my day, which generally involves more sleeping on the train, ehehe. I try to keep my make-up really natural and use minimal products because again, this results in more sleep time. And who can resist sleep?

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