Unique Gel-Like Toner

Monday, 28 November 2016

innisfree is a brand that I really love. It is a Korean beauty brand and they have some of the most amazing skin care products on the market. I needed a new toner as I just was about to finish the one that I was using at the time when there was a free shipping promotion from innisfree. Having enjoyed several of their products, I decided to pick up a new toner from them. It's unlike any other toner that I have previously used but I am quite enjoying it. 

The one I'm using is the one from the Orchid Skin line. This line is their anti-aging line that is "formulated with the vitality of Jeju orchid for wrinkle correction, elasticity, skin tone, moisturi[s]ation, and pore care" and is free from parabens, mineral oil and ingredients from animal origin. It's always good to start early with anti-aging products, ehehehe. I've tried this line before and I like it not for its anti-aging properties but for its moisturisation properties and its formula. The cream from the line has a very nice gel-cream formula, which I really like so I decided to purchase the toner and give it a try. The toner is packaged in a nice, vibrant purple plastic bottle with a small hole for just the right amount of product to be dispensed. 

I've never tried this toner before but thought that it would be similar to the other formulas on the market. However, it is a very unique kind of toner. It has a a very gel-like texture to it as compared to most toners which are more watery in consistency. The texture is not to thick though, in-between a watery and gel-like consistency, and so is quite easy to pat on the face. The best way to go about putting this toner on the face is lightly patting it in with your fingers due to its thicker texture. Despite being of a thicker texture, my skin absorbs it quite nicely and other products can sit on top very easily. However, again due to its thicker texture, it takes a bit longer for the skin to take in the product meaning there is some waiting to be done before going on with my skin care routine. I usually wait a minute or so but sometimes I just put my Aloe Vera Gel straight on top because I can't be bothered waiting, ehehe. I really like this toner and the added moisturise that it adds to my skin.

Have you tried this toner before, or one of a similar consistency?

Jessica xx

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